Mail Order Bride Statistics – Current Results on International Marriages

A mail-order bride industry deals with mail order dating agencies that advertise and offer catalogs filled with photographs of women from Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe. Such agencies provide full information about the age, weight, and weight of every single woman.

Advertisements and catalogs are part of an expanding multi-million dollar mail order bride industry that sells women from developing countries as potential brides to men in the industrialized West. Mail order marriage statistics in some way reflect the organized matrimony of the past when families sent “picture brides” from their homeland to single men in foreign countries.

What is a Mail Order Bride?

A mail order bride is an unmarried woman looking for a potential husband from abroad. Her goal is to create a strong family and have children that are ideal for international marriages. The main idea of ​​courtship is to get a mail order girl away and get married abroad. This dating strategy is preserved in special online mail-order services for brides.

The term “mail order bride” has nothing to do with selling people, although it sounds ambiguous. It is impossible to enslave a woman or force her to marry with this service. The websites offer many opportunities for meeting couples, finding the right partner, a wide list of potential spouse profiles, and convenient selection tools.

Mail-order business is ideal for country changeover as they target an international audience as well as foreign brides and grooms. Some mail order brides have the opportunity to stop abusing their environment and poverty. Be that as it may, both men and women meet to make their lives happier, giving the chance to a happy loving family.

mail order marriage statistics

Mail Order Bride Facts

American Frontier

The idea of ​​mail-order delivery first appeared on the American border in the mid-1800s. People who lived in the Eastern part often migrated to the West in the hope of getting a better life. Thereby, they were securing a better financial situation. There they bought land to be engaged in agriculture. They started their own business and even looked for gold.

Most American single men were financially independent and successful. This was one of the reasons they became increasingly successful in the mail order industry and foreign marriages. The only thing missing in the West for migrants was the company of their wives. Even at that time, there were very few worthy women in the West. Therefore, it was difficult for single and successful men from the West to create a family by choosing an ideal spouse.

The marriage facts and statistics seem obvious since the only way out for an American man is to attract women living in the East of the world. It also includes charming Slavic mail order women, thereby improving marriage statistics. Single Western wife seekers wrote letters to churches and published personal ads in magazines and newspapers. In response, mail order brides wrote to the men and sent them their photographs.

Mail Bride Pictures

The current trend of online dating is meeting the future spouse through photos and chat in real time. The relationship facts and statistics according to which the marital relationships were created had a relation to the mail order industry. During the period when pictures of mail order brides were in trend (occurred from 1908 to 1924), the massive influx of mail brides from overseas changed society in Hawaii. It was once dominated by single transit males and began to include permanent residents with families. During this time, more than 20,000 brides arrived with photographs to Hawaii so that mail order brides could marry plantation immigrant workers.

According to marriage statistics, most mail order brides came from Japan and a smaller number from China and Korea. Singles from Japan have been teamed up with men in the United States using photographs and matrimonial guidelines. They were taken by ship to Hawaii, where they met their would-be Western husbands at a station in Honolulu Harbor.

Some of the potential candidates were much older than brides. Thus, in many situations, they did not resemble photographs sent by the intermediary between the bride and groom. Some of the single men sent in pictures of friends who were much younger and more handsome. Thus, the hopes of mail order brides for a better life were not always justified, especially when their newly minted husbands took women to abandoned houses and forced them to work on plantations. For this reason, Japan stopped issuing passports with photographs of brides, effectively ending this practice in 1924.

Mail Order Marriage Statistics

The trend of finding a Western husband and mail order bride marriages is not new. This goes back to the days when American men found wives through newspaper advertisements. The times have changed, and now people are using dating services with mail-order brides.

According to recent marriage statistics, mail order brides have become so popular that today there are up to 27 million online dates in America alone:

Mail Order Bride Success Rate

Foreign couples are really successful and have a lot of mail order bride success stories. For example, nearly 40% of Americans were in a regular relationship or married someone they met through a dating site, app, or online mail service.

Best Asian Country to Find Bride

Most Widespread Countries For Mail Order Bride

Best Eastern European Country to Find a Wife


Russian mail brides carry all those qualities that the most successful woman dreaming of marriage can have. Russian brides have a place to be one of the best brides, and the country of Russia attracts many Western mail order wife seekers. Russian girls are very hot, temperamental, and femininine. They make exemplary wives and caring mothers.


No wonder they say that the beauty of Ukrainian women can not be compared with any representative of Western culture. Ukrainian mail order brides have favorable marriage statistics in all respects. Marriage with mail order wives in Ukraine is becoming an increasingly popular and demanded trend. A Ukrainian wife can be your best friend and loyal spouse.


The statistics of Belarusian wives please with international marriages. Among them, you will find a loving, independent, and selfless woman who will become an irreplaceable part of your family life. The wives from Belarus are very sympathetic and receptive. It’s easy to communicate with them because a compromise can always be found.

Best European Country to Find a Wife


France is a wonderful European country where you can find an elegant mail order wife. French women are very beautiful and gentle. These are ladies who have a great sense of fashion. The Frenchwoman is a role model for women around the world. Women from France generally have a perfect slim figure. Thanks to proper nutrition, they are among the thinnest women in Europe. If you marry a French woman, you will always have delicious and healthy food. As statistics may show, everyone would love to have a wife like that!

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a place where the most extraordinary and attractive European women live. They may seem cold and indifferent at first, but in reality, Czech mail order brides are very relaxed and cheerful. First, you must earn their trust because they don’t like frivolous men. These girls are special because they need real gentlemen, and you can win their hearts over with some small details, for example, if you buy them a rose or hold their coats.


In a Romanian woman, you will find everything you need for a happy married life: a wife, friend, lover, and the ideal mother for your children. She works tirelessly, takes care of the family, copes with daily duties, and at the same time looks the best of all women. She will not constantly call you and ask for help because Romanian women can take care of themselves.

Best Asian Country to Find a Wife


Vietnamese women are becoming the most loyal and loving wives, according to international marriage statistics. They can be your ideal companion who takes on your problems and responsibilities. Next to such a gentle and fragile woman, you will feel like a real protector.


Thai mail order brides know how to love and be loved. They have a well-developed sense of self-esteem, but this does not prevent them from building favorable family relationships. Thai women can change the life of a single man who is not afraid of drastic changes.

How Many Mail Order Marriages End in Divorce?

The divorce rate in the part of those who met on the Internet was about 6%, while among spouses who met with friends, at work, in a club, or other places, it was about 7.6%. The difference is small, but taking into account the sample size, it turned out to be significant. Similarly, the difference between marital satisfaction scores is significant that is 5.64 for online dating and 5.48 for real-life dating. According to mail order bride divorce rate and the defined statistics, specialized dating sites are not only an opportunity to diversify romantic relationships but also a real opportunity to find a future spouse.

Do Mail Order Brides Exist?

Many foreign singles are worried about the question: “Do mail order marriages work?” Mail order brides work with international marriage agencies. An International Marriage Agency is a business that seeks to introduce men and women from different countries for the purpose of marriage, visits, or correspondence. Thus, the statistics of the number of successful international marriages is an excellent indicator of such services. These unions have become commonplace these days and are considered deep and multifaceted.