Mail Order Asian Bride Prices – Average Cost For an Oriental Lady

Mail Order Asian Bride Prices – Average Cost For an Oriental Lady

International matrimonial services, the so-called “mail-order sites” is a perfect option for all foreign men constantly looking for a foreign wife. Most similar online services are safe as they really work and can help anyone meet their soulmate abroad.

Widespread matrimonial online services with a range of mail order brides offer video calling and translation services. So, the following online portals are no less effective than other demanded American websites. Still, similar online services have one drawback: they are paid. Asian mail order bride prices usually vary. It all depends on the service you use to buy your Asian mail order bride.

Buying an Asian Bride

Currently, modern people can not live without dating online tools. Yet, Asian mail order brides cost may be reasonable if you use any affordable Asian brides portal. The point is that similar sites have much more preferable features, unlike free websites. Identity verification, for instance. Numerous websites provide the necessary ID verification for all users. It suggests that certain online resources are more reliable, unlike the other services without this safety feature. Each Asian dating portal requires mandatory ID verification to prevent fake profiles.

If a matrimonial online service that offers Asian mail order brides has this feature, then it simply cannot be paid for by its users who want to buy an Asian bride. This is why you will most likely pay for it from the start. And, the cost of a mail-order website is just a poor fraction of the total price of your mail order woman. Let’s take a closer look at what may change the Asian mail order wife cost.

asian mail order brides cost

Common Factors Affecting Mail Order Bride Pricing

The current location of a woman you are dealing with is the main factor in determining the amount you pay. Additionally, any Asian mail order bride site may have a significant impact on mail order brides pricing. It may be even an ordinary dating website or a high-quality marriage online service. Several marriage websites allow their users to pay as much as they are ready to. Therefore, any of your decisions, intentions, financial capacity, and experience determine the total amount of your funds.

How to Decrease Mail Order Bride Pricing Offline?

  • Book inexpensive flights and hotels in advance. You can find many official sites comparing prices on flights, hotels and car rentals from providers. The following sites can be very helpful if you want to get the best foreign brides living overseas.
  • It is better to get married to an Asian mail order wife in her homeland. The fact of the matter is that the USA is a fairly costly land for an average price. You don’t have to spend 30,000 on Asian brides if you may simply spend about 4,000 instead.

Prices of Asian Mail Order Brides

It is interesting to know how much do mail order brides cost especially when it concerns offline dating. Still, it is very very difficult to figure out as there are a vast number of countries where any foreign wife finder may find suitable Asian brides to marry. Still, there are a lot of things to spend your money on. Asian bride price list includes:

  • Airline tickets must be purchased to get to the hometown of your future wife. The cost of Asian mail order brides for a direct flight to Asia is nearly 700-800. It is worth noting that tickets to Asia in the high season cost from 1,500. The cost of mail order brides set back around 300-600.
  • The next step is to book a hotel in advance. The average cost of a hotel in the USA is 180-250 per night but you don’t have to spend much money on the best-suitable regions with Asian women. Hotels in Asia may cost from 50-100 per night, thus, most European hotels may be even cheaper (30-80 per night), and hotels in Latin America usually cost from 20-100 per night.

Asian mail order brides, how much do they cost? You can invite your charming oriental girlfriend to a good restaurant or a cafe. Such “tasty” establishments can be cheap and expensive, so it’s up to you to decide. You will probably spend around 30 or up to 300 for a trendy restaurant.

Oriental mail order brides love gifts. You may give your oriental girl the most expensive iPhone or buy her a lovely teddy bear or chocolate if she likes sweets. Be ready to spend about 20 or 2,000 on a date.

Asian mail order brides how much do they cost? A wedding is an important event if you are going to be a groom for your foreign girlfriend. On average, the cost of a wedding in the United States is 30,000. If you prefer an Eastern country, then you can save money.

How much does Asian mail order brides cost? Thus, the average cost of a wedding with an Asian woman is nearly 4,000-8,000. On average, a groom may spend between 3,000 and 8,000 to organize a great wedding party or even up to 30,000 if you want to know an Asian mail bride cost.

Currently, the cost of Asian mail order brides does not have exact figures at the moment. Still, if you need to save some money, you may spend 8,000 or 10,000 to marry a gorgeous woman. If you want to make a dream wedding, then get ready to spend up to 25-35,000.

Average Cost of Asian Mail Order Brides

It is difficult to give accurate figures for the cost of mail order brides Asian. Most Eastern countries are quite costly, unlike others. However, the vast number of online matrimonial services are rather costly but they offer more services. Still, international marriages are quite profitable for men seeking foreign partners.

Still, how much is an Asian bride? Be prepared to spend from 10,000 to 30,000 on a mail order girl including a wedding. To get Asian brides is quite expensive. Thus, you may spend a lot of money on airline tickets. Note that Asian brides cost is not high in some regions. Just be ready to spend about 2,000. that is an Asian mail order wife price excluding airfare.

Best Regions to Buy Asian Brides for Sale


Thailand ladies are well-known for their charming smiles and obstinate mood. Thai women seem to spread their affection and openness. If you are still seeking a very feminine and attentive wife, then choose a Thailand woman. Calmness, tenderness, sympathy, compassion and obedience are the typical personal traits of Thai beauties. How much do Asian mail order brides cost? Thai unmarried women cost nearly 10,000– 15,000.


Cute, wise and funny. It’s all about contemporary Japanese women. Females in Japan stay beautiful all their lives and getting older gradually. A Japanese lady now costs from 4,000 to 20,000.


The Philippines is the westernmost part of the Asian continent. Local ladies can speak English fluently and always avoid obstacles while interacting with foreign representatives. This is why a vast number of US-Filipino couples arise. Filipino women are distinguished from others due to the similarities in cultures. The cost of a Filipina mail order woman is around 4,000-8,000 USD (3,200-6,400 GBP).

Buy Asian Brides


Foreigners prefer Chinese single women. The matter is charming Eastern pretties are quite attractive thanks to pale skin, toned bodies, sleek dark silky hair. According to statistics, about every oriental girl desires to meet a husband from another country. China women on most marriage portals appear to be unlimited. Therefore, the chances to make a great family are huge. The price is approximately 500,000 RMB.


When it comes to finding girls, India remains uncertain. Arranged matrimonial unions and stringent ancient traditions exist these days. However, a great number of Indian ladies are opting for the Western lifestyle, meeting males from abroad, taking off their saris, putting on fashionable garments instead, and becoming wonderful spouses for Americans. Indian mail order wife cost is between 25 lakhs to 70 lakhs.


Most Western men prefer to marry Vietnamese ladies even though they adhere to their family ties. Vietnamese ladies always support their families. It means that an Oriental spouse takes care of you whenever you need it. She will be glad to cook delicious meals, and get along fine with your mates and family. A Vietnamese woman can be a good mom for your kids. How much does an Asian wife cost? Expect to spend between 3,000 and 20,000 on a Vietnamese wife.

Marrying an Asian Bride Benefits

Incomparable Grace and Beauty

Eastern ladies have a very graceful attraction that is impossible not to notice. Delicate fair skin, long neat hair, and deep dark eyes make Oriental pretties unusual. Oriental girls are attracted not only by their looks. The way they behave, move and talk, drives any foreign man crazy.

Proper Lifestyle

Oriental beauties are not familiar with inappropriate lifestyles. They try to keep a healthy lifestyle following well-balanced nutrition along with physical activity. Moreover, oriental girls are known to never age. An Eastern woman always looks like a 20-year-old lady in her 40s.


Family is the most important thing for Oriental wives. Regardless of the place where your new mate lives, she grew up in a family-oriented civilization. Asians appreciate the importance of their family. They respect senior family members and accept their wise opinion. When buying an Eastern wife, you will get a person for whom a family comes first.


Eastern ladies are appreciated for their passionate loyalty. When they agree with something, they often struggle and enjoy family life. An Oriental loyal wife doesn’t know how to cheat. Eastern seductive dames support their spouses under any circumstances. In the end, such a woman tries to solve any issue without going to someone else.


Regardless of their innocent image, most Eastern girls are true champions in all aspects. They are very patient, persistent and cannot stand it when problems appear. Next to such a loyal and strong-willed spouse, you will never fear something.

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