Mail Order Brides Pricing – How Much Does a Bride Cost ?

You never know where you’ll meet your love. Sometimes, your soulmate is waiting for you on the other side of the ocean shore. You may ask how to buy a wife, and your second question will be, “how much does it cost”. We’ll give all the details about mail order brides pricing, so keep reading.

How Much Does A Mail Order Wife Cost

Since nothing in this world is free, getting a wife overseas also has its cost. So how much are mail order wives? The average cost of a mail order bride is between $5,000 and $25,000. A man can spend less or more depending on his capacity and budget. Some may even spend $2,000 while others won’t spare $50,000. The good thing about mail order brides is that you can find one for your budget. The vast majority of American men are willing to pay not less than $5,000 and no more than $25,000.

Factors That Affect Mail Order Brides Pricing

The general mail order wife cost depends on many factors, including the following:

Mail Order Brides Pricing

Mail Order Bride Pricing On Dating Services

The first step towards a happy family with a foreign wife is choosing a reputable dating site. Quality platforms provide users with plenty of classy services. These include:

A Good Name In The Industry

Before registering on a dating site, we suggest making research about it. Read what real members say and check out a few reviews from reputable companies. You will notice that totally free sites don’t gather much favor, while paid platforms can guarantee a satisfying experience.


A good site has a nice design and an intuitive interface. It may not be a state-of-art design, but it has to be clear and intuitive.


The availability of an app on Android and iOS devices would be a serious advantage. An optimized browser version for mobiles is also permissible.


A large number of communication tools should be available. These include messaging, video calls, voice chats. Everything to help you eliminate the distance between the two of you. Icebreakers, winks, likes are also included.


It’s impossible to eliminate all scam accounts, but it’s possible to minimize their quantity. An obligatory verification process should be implemented to prevent members from being scammed. Best SSL protocols must be used to ensure the security of your personal data and payment details.

Mail Order Brides Cost: Is It Cheaper To Find A Wife Offline?

Some love-seekers still prefer an old-fashioned approach. Day games or nightlife are the best for them. But are the prices of mail order brides more affordable offline? Let’s see.

A man who wants to spend time in a potential bride’s country will have to spend on tickets, accommodation, and other necessities to make the trip comfortable. The average price of tickets is around $500-$800, depending on the destination. It would be cheaper to reach a European girl than an Asian beauty. Sure, there are both cheap and expensive countries. The average dinner price in Kyiv, Ukraine, is around $50 for two, depending on the restaurant. In Rome, Italy, an average check for two is about €50-60. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of mail order brides in different countries.

What Is An Average Price And What It Includes

As it was said in the beginning, the average mail order brides cost is from $5,000 to $25,000. This is the full price you will spend to buy a mail order bride. Considering the traditional scenario when you order a woman on a dating site, It includes the following:

Membership on a Dating Site

The average cost is around $30 per month. As usual, matrimonial services offer large discounts for devoted members. To get a discount, you need to purchase at least a 6-month subscription. Communication tools are included in the membership plan.

Credits Cost

Not all sites offer a set price on a subscription plan. There are sites that operate on a credit basis. In this case, members pay only for services they use. The average cost of mail order bride on such sites is harder to predict.

Gifts and Flowers

Gift and flower delivery is an additional feature. You’ll need to pay an extra cost to please your lady with a cute gift or a bouquet of flowers. Just choose a present that fits your budget, and the site will deliver it to your doorsteps. Keep in mind that gifts on dating sites are overpriced.

Translation Services

Not all mail order brides can speak English well enough to communicate. You need to spend on translation services on dating sites or hire a qualified interpreter to help you communicate with a potential wife.

Relocation Cost

The mail order bride cost also depends on the relocation of a bride. If you have serious intentions, then you will have to take your relationship to a new level. Help your mail order wife with relocation. Help her to get a visa, purchase a ticket for her, and meet her at the airport.

What Are The Best Regions With Mail Order Brides And Their Prices?

Now when you know what the cost of mail order bride depends on, you may wonder, “where can I buy a wife on the Internet?” There are a few most popular mail order brides regions where a Western man can find a bride.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a home for feminine and beautiful girls. Brought up in a patriarchal culture, these ladies don’t mind letting a man rule. They love to rely on a strong man’s shoulder and take it as normal when a man takes serious decisions. How much is a mail order wife from Eastern Europe? It depends on the country you choose. For example, Russian mail order brides cost about $5,000. You will need to spend on tickets, accommodation, food, and wooing ladies. You will be expected to buy presents and pay the bill. Of course, a Westerner can spend much less, it all depends on the city and places you choose.


Asian women are tender and family-oriented women. Men can’t deny the seducing charm these women possess. Lots of Westerns choose women from Asia for many reasons, and they’re not apologetic about it. The Asian mail order brides cost largely depends on the county your girl resides in. There are some cheap mail order brides from Asia. These are ladies who live in poor countries. Conquering a wife from Japan would cost twice as much as conquering a woman from Vietnam. This is due to higher standards of living and higher prices in the country.

Latin America

Passionate and sexy women from the Latin world will cost you around $3,000-$5,000, including all expenses. Latin America is believed to be the cheapest option to find a foreign bride. Local women, however, are known to be gold-diggers. So don’t hurry to demonstrate your financial capacities. Don’t spend on everything a woman is looking at. You need to show your bride that you don’t spend cash around and prefer to spend reasonably. At the same time, don’t be a miser. Don’t seek the cheapest options or ways to save money. Local women love generous men.

Mail Order Brides Cost

Benefits of Dating a Mail Order Bride

Have you ever wondered why the mail order bride industry is prospering? More and more people turn to international dating for a reason. Let’s look at the main factors that drive singles to float around the Internet to meet their love.

No Guessing Game

Women online are more straightforward in their wishes. You will meet thousands of ladies seeking a partner. No playing games and no beating around the bush. And besides, you can learn a lot about a woman even before you say the first “hi”. Just scan her profile, and you’ll understand what type of a woman is around you.

Multiple Choices

There are many attractive ladies registered on dating sites. Mail order brides of different ethnicities, ages, and outlooks sign up to meet a husband. You can chat with so many women whom you’d never meet in real life. Sounds impressive.

More Personalized Dating

Online dating has one more significant advantage over the offline approach. On a dating site, you can set filters to find a woman that meets your demands. Seeking a 30-aged blonde with no kids? It’s no problem. Want to meet a lady with no bad habits? You will receive thousands of options.


Dating a mail order bride gives a chance for happiness even for those with busy schedules. All the beautiful girls seeking love are gathered in your phone. You can date them even if you don’t have enough time for one-hour dates in real life.

Unique Culture

Mail-order girlfriends reside in different countries and different continents. Thus, they were raised in different cultural backgrounds. Their habits and outlooks differ from yours. It makes the dating process complicated and thrilling at the same time. With such a bride, your marriage will never get monotonous.

As you see, dating and marrying a mail order bride is a rewarding process. No matter how much does a mail order bride cost, buying her is a worthy investment.

Wrapping Up

Mail order bride cost and pricing depend on many factors. The cost of getting a mail order bride will vary from region to region and largely depend on the character of a woman and your willingness to spend money. Now, when you know how much do mail order brides cost, you can plan your expenses. European women are some of the most expensive to get, while marrying mail-order brides from Latin America is considered the most affordable choice. All in all, money is secondary if you spend it on a woman who’d surround you with love, care, and beauty every day.